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About Curbside Productions

How we got started

It’s been a long time. Curbside Productions started as a thought, a concept, an idea, a dream. It started at a kitchen table in Northern Minnesota. It started in bars on the Iron Range. It started at Bayfront Park. It started in clubs across Duluth, MN and Superior, WI. There were good nights, bad nights, and some days you can only look back and laugh about.

1991 was a good year to start a sound company, with no budget, used gear, and some raw talent. We took gigs we weren’t prepared for, that we shouldn’t have been able to handle, that were bigger than our britches, and we excelled. In fact, we gained a bit of a reputation for being able to get things done when it was hitting the fan… If you had a tough job, we were the ones to call. If you weren’t sure if there was enough power, or enough space, or a stage, or… you name it. We made it happen, left smiles on people’s faces, and helped make events go smoothly.

We’re still doing that today, but man, has our equipment gotten better! And the vehicles don’t smoke, the trailers are clean… it’s a whole new world.

We've been doing this a while now...

We're Pretty Good at it, in fact.

We’ll be there before you are, and we’ll stay until well after you’re gone. That’s what we’re for.

Our purpose is to provide a flawless event and to anticipate issues and deal with them before you know they’ve even occurred. We strive to make you smile, the entire time, from beginning to end.

How do we do that? How can we consistently maintain that level of professionalism?

We bring the right people to the table for each event we’re involved with. You hire us, and we make sure we match talents to your needs.

We Can handle Any Event

We have the expertise and equipment it takes to put on any size event from live music setups for cafes and bars to multi-day outdoor music festivals and everything in between. 

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