Electronic Press Kits

Your Project Needs an Electronic Press Kit

Creating an engaging Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is essential for artists looking to make a lasting impression in the competitive entertainment industry. However, capturing high-quality video and audio that showcases your unique style and energy can be daunting. Many struggle with technical complications, unsatisfactory production quality, and logistical nightmares when trying to record at random venues or with inadequate equipment.

The Video and Audio You Need

Expectations and Pressure Can Be High

At Curbside Productions, we understand that the pressure to create the perfect electronic press kits is high. Navigating multiple camera setups, ensuring top-notch audio quality, and finding the right venue can greatly increase the stress of producing a quality marketing package. Without expert help, you risk having subpar footage that fails to reflect your artistic vision or excite your potential audience and promoters.

Curbside Productions Has You Covered

Whether you prefer the controlled environment of our studio or the dynamic atmosphere of your chosen location, Curbside Productions offers tailored EPK services to meet your needs.

Our “Band or DJ EPK” service includes options for live audio and video recordings on a professional stage with up to eight cameras.

Alternatively, our “On Location Video Production” service brings the studio to you, capturing your performance with the same level of professionalism, no matter where you are.

Stage with band setup and lights
Professional video camera
Professional video camera

Three Services to Choose From

Choose from three finished products: a live broadcast recoding ready for you immediately after your event, all the raw unedited files for complete creative control, or a professionally edited and mixed video and audio package that showcases your performance at its best, available just days after the recording session.

Live Broadcast Recording

We'll edit as the recording session is happening just like any live broadcast. You'll go home with the live broadcast recording.

All Raw Files

With this option, we'll give you all the raw files from all the inputs so you have complete creative control yourself.

Post-production edits

Give us some a little time to professionally edit your audio and video files for a comprehensive media experience.

Our In-Studio Recording Package

Live band performing on our stage
Band on outdoor stage. Two singers and one fiddler

On Location Video Production package