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what we offer

No gig too big, no event too small. We’ve done events as small as a singer/piano player in a backyard, as well as outdoor concerts with over 10,000 attendees.

Corporate Events

Let us help your event, training, annual award ceremony or any other type of event turn out as perfectly as possible.


Over 150 combined years of experience putting on concerts in some of the most interesting and eclectic spaces.


We can provide lighting for a room, music, and wireless microphone support for the ceremony and more.

More to Offer

additional services

No gig too big, no event too small. We’d love to chat. Most of our packages include delivery, setup, and teardown, and can easily expand to include an operator as well.

Sound and Light Systems

Sound system with mixer and speaker stacks

Sound and Light Systems

We’re scalable.

In fact, our goal is to provide you with the best fit at the best price. By providing what you need, rather than too much or not quite enough, we’ll be able to make your event as flawless and fantastic as possible. We’ve got a simple rundown of the types of systems we’ve designed for our clients, along with pricing.


Man wiring up a distro on site


We know that sometimes you need your own spot, fully equipped for whatever event you’ve got cooking. Now, we can come to you! Whether it’s the office, a shop, or even your own stage, we’re ready to install your very own system.

We have a variety of installation packages so you can choose what suits your needs and space best. Not an expert in sound and lights? Don’t worry about it! Our team of experienced professionals will have your back and ensure that you feel confident using your system before heading out.

Performance Space

Our stage that's illuminated with purple lighting.

Performance Space

Do you want to deliver a quality performance in front of more people?

We can help with that!

Our space is centrally located in North East Minneapolis, with adequate parking. Due to the building’s age, we are not fully ADA-compliant; however, there is a wheelchair-accessible entrance. Feel free to reach out if you have more questions concerning ADA needs.

Electronic press Kit Creation

professional camera

Electronic Press Kit Creation

Whether you prefer the controlled environment of our studio or the dynamic atmosphere of your chosen location, Curbside Productions offers tailored Electronic Press Kit (EPK) services to meet your needs.

Our “Band or DJ EPK” service includes options for live audio and video recordings on a professional stage with up to eight cameras.

 Alternatively, our “On Location Video Production” service brings the studio to you, capturing your performance with the same level of professionalism, no matter where you are.